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Anyone interested can now help me developing uMonitor:


After some investigation I found out the preferences are saved into the file:


If you are having any problems with the application try removing this file and re-install the application!

If you have problems right after installation please switch off WiFi and start it, then it should work fine, a fix should come soon

UPDATE: 7.11.09 – V2.0

The new version is mostly bug-fixing routines, minor code restructuring and removal of deprecated/non-used code. It is tested against 3.1.2 and works great. Please remove the old µmonitor and install the new one.

The bump in version number is due to some ideas that we’re evaluating for the nearby future, stay tuned!

UPDATE: 12.10.09 – V1.6

The new version, apart from some bug-fixing adds:

  1. Token-based authentication As required by the (soon to come) newest version of uTorrent. Possibly you won’t even notice, but some bit of work was needed for this to be working.

It will be soon available over at cydia!

UPDATE: 21.09.09 – V1.5

The new version (apart from some bug-fixing) adds:

  1. Copy/Paste for all kind of .torrent files You can surf your favorite sites and use the built-in copy feature of the iPhone to copy a link to a .torrent file and then simply paste it in the new field to add it to your uTorrent instance
  2. Profiles To easily switch from home wifi/outside network or if you have multiple instances to monitor
  3. [testing] SSL It should be possible to now use instances over SSL. I don’t have one to test, so please let me know if you manage!

It will be soon available over at cydia!

UPDATE: 7.09.09 – V1.1

There will be shortly a new updated version on cydia (as soon as our friends at zodttd receive and update the new app, I sent it!). The new version has:

  1. Adding torrents: you can search for torrents and add them. They will start downloading immediately. Currently the search is done over at and torrents are sorted by feeds. – Once the search is done, just tap on one torrent to start downloading!
  2. Sorting: now torrents can be sorted by: status, name, label, size, progress
  3. Searching: not finding your torrent between all the ones that you currently have? Just hit the search bar and you will get it for sure!
  4. Preferences: now it is possible to insert the address field in these way:

    You name it, it should work fine!

  5. Overall performance: should be better, well, the code looks better, and minor bugs have been fixed

Upcoming features

  • Multiple profiles: to edit different instances of uTorrent (or simply different locations)
  • More choices while adding torrents (in particular, different search engines, such as:,, – We’re open to suggestions, write down which torrents site you use, and we’ll see if we can include them!
  • Bug fixing! Please report any bug the application has, and we’ll see how to fix them!
  • Feature requests: feel free to suggest anything, we’ll see what we can do! And if you donate we’ll hear even more! :)


µMonitor is an easy to use monitor running on the iPhone for your µTorrent application. What it does is make use of the µTorrent Web-gui API to show your current torrents from anywhere you want.

The list of torrents, the details of one torrent, and the customizable labels

The list of torrents, the details of one torrent, and the customizable labels


To connect µMonitor to your µTorrent instance you have to fill-in all the 4 settings, in the µMonitor settings panel of your iPhone/iPod Touch

Settings to access the torrents

Settings to access the torrents

The address of the PC currently running uTorrent. If you’re on the same network (i.e., at home) use the numbered format (i.e., If you’re accessing it from outside use the address that you would put in your browser (i.e.,, omit the /gui part!

The port (if any) set in the preferences of uTorrent WebUI. For example, looking at the screenshot, it’s 8080.

Username and Password
The Username and Password set in the preferences of uTorrent WebUI.


Full Examples

  • In the browser:
    Port: 8080
  • In the browser:
    Port: 80
  • In the browser:
    Port: 80

How to get it

µMonitor hasn’t been approved by Apple because they do not want any ‘torrent application’ on the iPhone, therefore it’s only available to owners of an hacked iPhone, via the Cydia repository over at our friends at: theiphonebay.

Additionally now you can just get it from the “Utilities” section without adding any custom repository. Thanks to the guys at zodttd which are listed as default repositories from Cydia!


If you have any problems with the application, if you have any suggestion on future features you might be interested in having please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you feel likely, please consider a donation (of any amount) to me, to support further development of the application. You can donate using paypal pressing the button on the top-right of the page. Thank you very much!


If you appreciate my work, my applications, this blog in general or you simply feel like rewarding me for something please consider donate.
Any amount will motivate me in keeping up with the blog and the applications.

Thank you!


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